Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 Model Numbers

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 Model Numbers

Take a look at the model number that you can find on the box or on the Settings / General / About screen. If your iPhone 4 has any of the model numbers below, then you can rest assured about the phone being officially factory unlocked.

Unlocked Model Numbers

MC603X/A – 16GB Black
MC605X/A – 32GB Black

MC603C/A – 16GB Black
MC605C/A – 32GB Black

MC603FB/A – 16GB Black
MC605FB/A – 32GB Black

Hong Kong
MC605ZP/A – 32GB Black
MC603ZP/A – 16GB Black

MC603IP/A – 16GB Black
MC605IP/A – 32GB Black

New Zealand
MC603X/A – 16GB Black
MC605X/A – 32GB Black

MC603ZA/A – 16GB Black
MC605ZA/A – 32GB Black

MC603KS/A – 16GB Black
MC605KS/A – 32GB Black

United Kingdom
MC603B/A – 16GB Black
MC605B/A – 32GB Black

Below are some of the known model number series for the Carrier Tied iPhone 4.

Locked Models

Germany – T-Mobile
MC603DN/A – 16GB Black
MC605DN/A – 32GB Black

Japan – Softbank
MC603J/A – 16GB Black
MC605J/A – 32GB Black

Spain – Movistar, Orange, Vodafone
MC603Y/A – 16GB Black
MC605Y/A – 32GB Black

United States – AT&T
MC608LL/A – 16GB Black
MC610LL/A – 32GB Black
MC318LL/A – 16GB Black
MC319LL/A – 32GB Black

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